Annotations are units of documentation linked to code. Annotations remember the repository, Git branch, file, and line number where they were created, so they can be viewed in the same context they were created in.


Stories are collections of knowledge and can include multiple Annotations. Stories can be used to document code, discuss design decisions, or onboard new hires.


A repository is a collection of code managed by source control. Currently, CodeTrail supports Git repositories hosted on GitHub.


Workspaces are the organizational unit for a company. Workspaces can include multiple teams, each with their own knowledge domains.

Desktop app

The CodeTrail Desktop app is used to create and manage Stories. It connects to your IDE to manage recording and playback of Stories.

IDE extension

The CodeTrail IDE extension is used to display Annotations next to your code. It connects to the CodeTrail Desktop app to manage recording and playback of Stories.